More Angsting From 2012

Normally my comic is my happy time for me every week, but this page proved to be really difficult for me. I was not happy with it at all until literally an hour ago, after working on it for five days. I kept redrawing and reworking things, and then I went "screw it, I'm late for my deadline anyway" I just went with what I had and hoped I could fix things in the screen tone stage. And actually, with this scanned and the fonts added, despite all the trouble it gave me, it turned out much much better than I thought it would. It still has problems, but I got this done, and that alone has kind of made today a worth-while day. And we're finally out of that damn cave!

My dog is still chewing through drywall and my bird keeps forgetting who I am and injuring his leg because my new haircut confuses him ("OH MY GOD WHO ARE YOU!?" crash), and my career is wavering, but hey, I have my webcomic nobody reads. Oh, whoops, I turned up some angst on you guys there.

Oh god, I'm so old. I'm too old to be drawing cartoon boobehs. I should do mature things like paint oil paintings of waterfowl.

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