Comments From 2012, Oh My

Normally I leave my comments kind of short on these pages, but since I'm several days late (and I am super super sorry about that) in keeping with my Friday schedule, I feel I need to explain.

I actually kind of disappeared from the internet because I've had a really rough month and with my 29th birthday on the horizon I am pretty bummed. So I sort of ignored everything on my to-do list and ignored emails and social-anythings and threw an emo pity party for one. I'm not really where I wanted to be/thought I would be at the end of my twenties, and with news that a project I was possibly going to work on that would have been just HUGE for me going on hold because of something completely out of my hands (it has to do with the election, actually) I am at a loss for what 2013 has in store for me.

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