August 11, 2021

  • Added 5 new pages to finish up Chapter 14.
  • Updated links to social media. Added Twitch account!
  • Added Tulsa In Tokyo (Tokyo, OK) convention for October!

August 14, 2020

Forgot to update this, but as you can see I'm updating again. Hoping to have the first half of the next chapter finished by the end of the month... but that's probably wishful thinking as I prepare for my divorce and moving back to the US. Enjoy the new pages!

December, 4, 2019

Updated my con listings below to show two conventions for February that I will be a guest at! Ushicon is first and they are near Austin, TX, and the other is Anime Milwaukee in Wisconsin. I'll be doing panels and selling books, as usual, haha.
And now for a somewhat depressing update! The daycare situation for my kid has been a nightmare. The system in Japan is totally different than it is in the US and you have to apply to the government for both a right to put your kid in daycare AND if you are a freelance artist you have to prove that you are a working mom, declare that you are currently employed by yourself, etc. We were given a bunch of forms and my husband's company had to fill one out, and they dragged their feet so much so that we missed the cutoff for January entries. After that there aren't usually many openings until April, so I am taking my little kaiju and we are going to be in the US for cons anyway, so we'll just stay until March or so. After April I should be a full-time comic artist again, and FaLLEN will definitely resume it's normal schedule around then. In February and March I will focus more on digital artwork since I will have my comp and cintiq with me in the US. This hiatus has bummed me out, but I guess that's life. I wasn't expecting to face this many hurdles but I guess having kids isn't easy. Will keep you guys posted, especially those of you on my Patreon, which I do still update.

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Convention Schedule for 2021

Tokyo, OK (formerly Tokyo In Tulsa)
Date: October 15-17
Location: Tulsa, OK