Welcome To The Naked

The song I used for this chapter's title was by the band Motley Crue in their Corabi phase. I love me some Vince, but the self-titled album is really spectacular. I think some of the lyrics fit the theme of the chapter, too.

The three lovely ladies on the cover are the new characters introduced in this chapter, and though they still haven't got names in the actual comic pages yet (I have named them, obviously... just read the story :D) I wanted to feature them on the cover. Originally they were doing a "hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil" thing in their hospital gowns, but it wasn't much of a cover. So I just changed up their poses and they got progressively nakeder and nakeder until voila, BUTT CHEEKS.

By the way, drawing on a Cintiq for several hours while you have a cold/fever/monthlies super attack and it is the middle of the rainy season in July and humid as all get out is the most miserable experience ever. I had to take breaks to wipe the sweat from my arms (and JUST my arms). It was so gross. I think I need to stop being a cheapskate and turn on the A/C next time I do some Cintiq work.

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