End Of First Chapter!

Hey, hey, hey! Check it out-- the first chapter is FINISHED!! Right now I'm working on color artwork for the cover as well as some bonus art for the inside. It's mostly going to be sketches and/or goofy joke art (or both?). I'll have the cover art ready to show in the next few days.

Since I have two events coming up real real soon, I'm going to be busy working on the print version to sell, so next week I may only have the b/w cover art for the next chapter up. It all depends on what I choose to do... I haven't had much luck with b/w copies in the past, so here's hoping I won't have much trouble this time around.

Now that the first chapter is finished, what do you all think? Are you enjoying the comic so far? Are you confused and just hate it? You are supposed to be confused, but you aren't supposed to hate it ;___;

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