`Splodey Dog Butts

Oh man, I totally thought this page would be up HOURS ago. Had almost everything done, and then when I took my dog to the vet for what I thought was his last check-up, the doctor squeezed his butt and re-opened the hole from when his anal gland burst! ARGH!! And the new medicine he gave my dog made him throw up ALL OVER MY HOUSE ARGH ARGH ARGH!! And he keeps crying because his butt is bleeding and I have to wipe his bottom and blargh. It makes me so sad to see him like this.

As for the leaves... well, it's a real shame, actually, because I put a lot of love into those nipples. I don't draw nudity often (hardly ever, really), so I had a lot of fun drawing them. They'll be in the print versions, but for the internet I am keeping them censored.

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