I am trying something I have never seen before in a manga... I tried giving the black-haired girl dimples. I can see why it isn't usually done... it can very easily make your character look old. Do you guys think they look cute or old? If people think it's cute I'll add it to the third chapter when she first appears.

I realized dimples would be suitable for this character when I was watching a show I like that happened to featured Momoiro Clover Z... who I really didn't like but after seeing them on this show I think they are a lot more tolerable than some of the other idol groups (particularly the ones that have three letters and a number for a group name). Maybe because I can count the number of members on one hand. Anyway, almost all the girls had dimples, and they talked about it, and I thought "Yeah, that character of mine would have dimples." I think it heightens the "cute and ditzy" look in a sort of positive way. Somehow.

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