Poor Kid...

This chapter was originally supposed to end with "Freckles" interrupting Vox's explanation to say "I bet the others are worried... why don't we go home!" :D :D :D Emphasis on the use of "home", like they are all one big family, I guess. Pffft. I think even the novel is like that but I don't know why I wrote it that way. I thought it was pretty irresponsible writing for me to let the little girl's feelings go unnoticed (to the reader). She's not just a damsel in distress (well, for now she kinda is), and this kind of leads into her fears of bringing the group down. Plus, this way I start and end the chapter with her, and I really like the way I drew her in the last panel. I think I've finally gotten the hang of drawing her! And it only took me four chapters... d'oh...

The next chapter will be a bit of a cool-down, so no action but I'll be expanding on the other girls we met in Chapter 3's personalities as well as some other stuff. There is at least one other battle before I end Vol. 1, rest assured :D

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