Well, Then, Don't Kick It Next Time...

Lamia Lamia Lamia... so happy she has her name. Lamia is the secondary lead in this story and is the cause of most of Arma's headaches. She is also my main girl for fan service because it is totally within her character to flash someone all nonchalant, like it's no big thang. Her costume is by far the skimpiest... the other girls all have more reasonable costumes. They'll all have black modernized centurion-based outfits that are modified to fit their personalities or match their usual "look". Their hairstyles will also change as the comic goes on-- from now on Lamia will almost never be seen with her hair completely down. She normally keeps it in her braid as a Guardian or wears it up in her normal attire... kind of a shame because I think she's really pretty with her hair down XD

The other girls will have easier to guess abilities, I think.

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