FaLLEN Will Be Back This Fall!!

Posting another update! FaLLEN's hiatus will be coming to an end soon. In case you missed it, I had a baby earlier this year and everything got put on hold. But things are (slowly) beginning to settle into a routine and I will be working on more pages next month. Now, just because I am working does not mean they will be going up to the website right away... I am going to finish a whole chapter before I start posting individual pages in hopes to give myself a buffer. I will, however, post as I go and production artwork to my Patreon page, which has nearly slowed to a halt (so the few of you still supporting me there... THANK YOU!) so that will be a good time to check it out if you haven't already.

This is just a series of illustrations I did for some of my Kickstarter backers from vol. 2 that I never posted here. Just a placeholder image so I could fill you guys in on the latest news. Can't wait to get back to work! It's been waaaaay too long.

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