I Had A Baby...

On January 25th I gave birth to a baby girl. Hurray! Except there were a ton of complications and I wasn't discharged until almost a week later, boo. Even though it's been almost 2 months since I gave birth there have been random episodes where I've had to go to the hospital to deal with sudden infections or bleeding, yada yada. In short, this has not been a fun recovery.

I am posting this New Year's image in March not because I am slow to update but because I FINISHED IT IN MARCH. I'm breastfeeding my kid and there are some days where I will spend the entire day just sitting with her, nursing, where I only get up to change her diaper. She's almost 2 months old and is slowly settling into a routine I think, so I do get some free time when she naps to do artwork or, like now, make this update.

Is the comic dead? No, but it may be a while before I post new pages. Right now I can make time for digital illustrations, like this one, because I bought a Cintiq Pro 13" and can work from my lap instead of having to go into my studio. So I can watch my daughter sleep while I work and put everything down if she starts crying, etc. But the comic itself is done by hand, and while I think next month I can start doing pencils, if I'm lucky, I have no idea when inking and tone will happen. I don't want to switch the comic to digital since I like working traditionally, but I don't want to tell you guys "Comic going up soon!" because I really don't know anymore. It's not dead, though.

Everyone tells me it gets a little easier after the 2 month mark because babies settle into a daily schedule a bit more easily, so all I can really say is that I am hopeful that I can get back to work soon. I love my kid but I seriously miss doing comics :(

I am also NOT going to make any conventions in N. America this year. I am signed up for a few Japanese comic events, so we'll see how something more local works. I just don't want to go overseas while I'm breastfeeding.

If you are still stopping by, voting, thank you THANK YOU. I do have some illustrations I need to post in the art gallery, which will probably get updated from time to time even without the comic getting updated. The store is still active and I'm still taking orders for books if you want to support the comic that way. My Patreon is still getting updated, with sketch galleries, sketchboards, and early access to illustrations (like this one). So FaLLEN is still a thing, I just need a little more time. Believe me, I don't like it either.

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