Hiatus Time

Ladies and gentlemen... we have our main villain for the first arc of the series. If you have paid very close attention to all the hints I've dropped, you might have figured out who this is, but even if you say it below I'll just answer with "We'll have to wait and see!" ;) I'm also not answering questions about Maris or anything else that could be spoiler-ific. I will say, though, if you are pretty pissed off at me, give Vol. 3 a shot because in my opinion Vol. 3 is really where character growth, action, etc picks up, and I absolutely LOVE writing for the villain. BTW, that cat girl on the billboard? A cameo appearance of a character of one of my Kickstarter backers, so don't read too much into it, haha.

Chapter 14 is going to be VERY exciting, but I am still on hiatus as of October 2017.

New Website

New website stuff. Still updating as of October 2017.

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