Sam's Accent

Father Sam and Lamia both enjoy getting Arma all hot and bothered, but they have different styles. Lamia likes to piss Arma off and fight with her, but Sam's always invading personal space or teasing Arma in a flirty kind of way where you can never tell how serious he is or what his actual motives are. Also, notice in the next few pages I start to slip in references to Sam's background, which is non-descript European. I didn't want to write him with an accent, since it's very faint and that can be distracting, but he is supposed to have a mixed northern European accent. Kind of like a Finnish person who maybe studied English in northern England... I really loved the voice of the guy who played him in the radio dramas, but I don't think I ever asked him where he was from, doh. Arma probably doesn't even really notice the accent as being an accent. Anyway, accents and writing can be a tricky ordeal.

Have you guys ever met someone who spoke in an accent you couldn't quite place, and it was so faint you almost didn't catch it at first? I'm always blown away when I meet those kinds of people, haha.

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