Grumpy Munchkin

I wanted to start Ch. 13 with cover art in place. This is the last chapter for Vol. 2 and I wanted to feature Munchkin on the cover in her dreamscape Arma often meets her in. This is the first cover where I did a full background illustration instead of just some colors and textures and such. Normally I just want the character on the artwork to stand out, but in this image I wanted to create a bit of a mood for people going into this chapter. I'm still not very good at coloring backgrounds, but one of my resolutions for this year is to get more comfortable with coloring backgrounds. I draw them for my comics all the time but there is something about colors that fry my brainzzz... I guess because I usually work in black and white.

I wanted to draw Munchkin kinda peeved, haha. I usually draw her excited or happy or cutesy, but not this time. I also chose not to go overboard with her back curls :p I don't think this is exactly what I had in my head, but it's time to work on another illustration.

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