Oh Nos...

I'm sure some of you who read the novelized version are pretty surprised, since this is not what happened in the books. In the books Ora was just kind of made fun of for no reason and it escalated when she tried to make friends. I wanted to move things along and tried to come up with something that would make Ora's first day of school the worst ever without going overboard. I figured she would totally wear cutesy underpants meant for someone younger than her, and I remember middle school was that weird transition phase when kids suddenly forgot they were still kids and desperately wanted to be adults, so if she had tripped and people had seen her underwear that would be an easy and understandable way to get the other kids to want to pick on her.

I tried to not draw her "panty shot" in a sexual manner since the purpose of this scene isn't to titillate but to evoke sympathy. I remember in 7th grade I tripped and all the contents of my backpack spilled out and people walking through the halls just stepped on my books or laughed. Knowing me, I probably just started shouting "You're all assholes!" but Ora isn't like me. And now I've got a reason to switch her initial design so that she wears tights.

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