Damn Bullies...

Well... we all knew this wasn't going to end well for Ora, especially with that name...

Coincidentally, today and yesterday I got to deal with a persistent bully who has been trying to get my attention, blame his failures on me, try to get me to fight with him, jumps into my conversations and says things to purposely upset me... in short, he's a little bully who every so often pops into my life for reasons unknown to anyone but him. Inkblazers people have "fond" memories of him, I'm sure. I hit my breaking point and finally said enough, told him to fuck off, and let some pent up steam out. Blocked him, hopefully won't have to deal with him ever again.

If there's a bully in your online life you can't just ignore and they'll go away... block them. Block block block. Never blocked a real person before (only bots) so it's unfortunate I had to end that streak, but whatever. I should have blocked him YEARS ago. I think while I was toning this page I kept muttering "fuck bullies" but had to keep myself from drawing them all spontaneously combusting.

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