Slave Neiva

The new chapter finally starts! I have already started penciling the next four pages, so I think I'm getting back on track. Unexpected drama reared it's bloody little head but gotta move on, gotta move forward.

So I played on the chapter title "Slave To The Grind" and my love for Princess Leia resulted in Slave Neiva. First time Neiva has been featured on the title page, and of course it's totally disturbing. I was chuckling while I drew this, saying "that's not how boobs work" over and over, and reminding myself that one thing I like about sexualized artwork is the nonsensical ridiculousness of it. I know this is dumb.

Also... I could not remember the word "shackles" until just now, so maybe if I had properly searched for shackle-type restraints I would have drawn this a little better :p

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