Father Sam

Chapter 10 starts at last! I let my Patreons choose characters when they are at a high enough tier, but nobody said who they wanted on the cover so I made it Father Sam. This is the first cover to feature a boy!

I was pretty frustrated while drawing this. Sam is kind of hard for me to draw right now, maybe because I changed his hairstyle and I'm still not used to it. I also think he's hard to draw for me because he's supposed to be attractive, but he's not necessarily my type, haha. I prefer the macho asshole type :p

Since this was taking me longer than usual, despite being a relatively simple pose, I kinda said "eff it" and ignored basic ideas such as light sources, etc. I know if the light is behind him he should have shadows on the center of his face with light being along the edges of his frame, I know. It looked too menacing, though, and I want to be able to use the picture of him for ads and such.

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