The other reason this didn't go up last week was because of the top left panel on page 3. I drew it, then redrew it using proper perspective techniques instead of just winging it. It looks so much better than it did, haha, but I got so used to skipping proper techniques in favor of getting pages done at a faster rate when I was on the Inkblazers schedule that I kind of had to re-teach myself how to do 3-point perspective. Now that I am not on anyone else's schedule, I want to get into the habit of making more of an effort on my pages. I feel like Chapter 8 was kind of sloppy compared to earlier chapters, and of course that was because last year was just a mess, but still... no excuses now.

And yet I still skipped proper perspective for the other panels, haha. Ah well.

Hey hey, look who has reemerged!

Neiva is no longer hiding out in the library, aww. She's kind of joined the others... and she wears glasses now! I've fulfilled my duties as a comic artist and provided readers with "megane" characters of both genders now.

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