Tornado Of Souls

Sorry for the wait, guys. I meant to have this up last night but I crashed pretty hard after deciding to include a stained glass window... so a day late, but here it is! The start of Chapter 9!

I'm sure many of you will see this man and think "OMG a new character!?" but he is in fact a recurring character... you may have noticed a priest at a cafe in Ch. 6, and, well... the hairstyle is different, but those black bangs look similar to a surprise character in Chapter 7, don't you think? ;D

I did actually retcon my own story... he had a different hairstyle in Ch. 6 originally but for the graphic novel I went in and adjusted it slightly to match this. I changed his hair while working on the calendar for several reasons, but it's essentially the same length, just slicked back.

But now I have to draw glasses, bleh. Love megane boys but I do hate drawing glasses, and this chapter features TWO meganekko. Who else is going to be wearing spectacles, hmmm?

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