More Spoilery Cover Art

I don't know why, but I really like how this came out, even though there are some obvious flaws here and there. It's also interesting to me to see how this character has evolved a bit. She was the hardest character for me to draw for the longest time because she's young looking for her age and seems a bit weaker-willed than the other girls. She's supposed to be a young 13, if that makes sense, but I always drew her a little too young looking in earlier chapters. She is one of the few characters I really prefer to draw in her Guardian uniform because she's cute without being cutesy and you can see her age a little clearer, since you can see her body outline a bit better. And I really like drawing her with leaf wings... they seem really appropriate on her.

I actually did this as part of a livestream for my Patreon patrons back in mid October. It was my first livestream and I was super nervous! Glad to finally be able to share this publicly.

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