T&A, Baby

I have had a terribly frustrating week. The Thai company that was going to print my books informed me AFTER the Kickstarter that their previous quotes for my book orders were mistakes and were now going to cost an arm and a leg, even though I have been talking with them since last year so as to avoid last minute problems like this. Oops! So much for professional help! So now I'm going to be going it alone, and it's actually a BIG help that I got way more than I asked for with my Kickstarter campaign. Otherwise I would be up a poop filled creek without a poop paddle. I had to take a day and a half off to just watch New Girl season 2 in one sitting, play a mindless mobile game, and order pizza. Because I basically have to start from scratch, find a new printer, and do all the work myself.

And it SHOULD have been a good week because my husband, who has been unemployed for HALF A YEAR, has finally found a job. FINALLY. But I was waist deep in paper samples after my day off to cool my head so we couldn't really celebrate. I did buy a new blanket, though. It is very warm.

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