End Of Volume 1!!

Getting sleepy kind of early lately... probably a side-effect to my meds. Anyway, uh, final page of Vol. 1! Onward to Vol. 2!!!

Next week I'll post the cover art instead of an actual page with dialogue and stuff because I'm trying to catch up on Inkblazers. I'm hoping I can finish inking these four pages tomorrow and stick on some screen tone Sunday and then get back to my regular schedule from Monday onward. I'm also working on the hilariously ridiculous side-story for Vol. 1's graphic novel, so I am busy busy. I might post a textless page of that for the kickstarter-- which I will finally be able to edit together a video for next weekend because I finally decided what music I was going to use for the video... MY OWN. My awesome buddy Derek found the original mp3s from my shitty old band from a few years back, so suck it royalty free music sites!!

I remember drawing this faster than any other page because a deadline was approaching. So... kind of sloppy, yes, I knows.

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