Butt Crack

Welp, this was supposed to go up last Friday, but I still did not have the internet setup in my new condo and my handheld router was overheating every few minutes, so I kind of stayed off the internet as much as I could and only got on to clear messages and delete junk and such. Tomorrow I'm going to be in Tokyo until Monday, going to Ikea to get last minute furniture things for the new home, see some friends, and of course go to Comitia 109, where I'll be selling Chapters 6 and 7 together as a single book for the same price as a regular book. I also made a poster of the Ch. 7 cover and if it turns out to be a pretty nice quality poster I might consider selling a few, since I've had quite a few people ask about that. At Comitia I will only be selling books and no trinkets or anything, since I have limited packing space for this trip. The new book had a very small print run because the graphic novel for Vol. 1 will go on sale... uh... eventually. This move has totally wiped me out. I took the month off from my comic to work on the book and my kickstarter and that so did NOT happen because for the last two weeks all I have done is put furniture together, clean, unpack, call maintenance people, and try to figure out where the closest grocery store is. We are still waiting for a new toilet and for our couch to arrive, haha. Busy busy.

But at least I've got internet again! YAAAAY! I missed you, high speed internet.

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