I'm moving on Monday across the country and the day I was going to start doing the heavy-duty packing, I caught a cold. It rendered me useless for a few days, and now with only two days left I am SOL if I don't get things packed by tomorrow. I've entered Panic Mode.

I like how in real life anytime I gave people permission to give me a makeover, it became a BIG thing. Girls I didn't even really like or know swooped in and offered assistance. I was pretty plain and wore oversized clothes in high school, but I was in drama classes so there were times I needed a makeover and it was always interesting to see how people acted toward me. I remember one of the jocks cornering me and suddenly wanting to kiss me... not because I was pretty, because I wasn't, I just think everyone suddenly realized I was female at the exact same time. I kind of went the opposite direction with this page, but the temporary cease fire between Lamia and Arma is similar to what I experienced, haha.

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