Made a last-minute decision to fly across the country this weekend to check out an apartment closer to my husband's family to kind of start thinking about raising a family of my own.

The way things are now, Tokyo is just too expensive for my husband and I, most of our friends kind of abandoned us when we both got out of the music scene, and we're both in our thirties and kind of done with the Tokyo lifestyle anyway. It's costly to live here and there isn't a reason for us to be here anymore anyway, since I'm finding more success and satisfaction going the indies route with my comics and I can do that anywhere, and my husband wants to be closer to his family. Our new place has been finalized and we will be moving to a town called Matsuyama in two months. It's sudden and we are going nuts here, but this change will have affect FaLLEN in a positive way:

Instead of busting my balls trying to work on FaLLEN and take on other jobs on the side to make the ridiculous rent of our current place, I will be able to focus solely on FaLLEN and only take on translation jobs when I feel like it, basically. We're going to be living in a huge apartment for next to nothing and there is even a castle (a literal castle) sitting on a hill outside our window. That's pretty badass. I'm also getting a huge office and more time to devote to FaLLEN!

2017 Edit: This kind of didn't work out as it was supposed to...

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