Arma...dillo... Armadillo. Burrrrn.

It made more sense in the Japanese version, where Arma is staring at Lamia and staring at someone in Japanese can be said as "jirojiro", and armadillo is "arumajiro"... it's stupid, I know, but it amused me. I've been wanting to have an animal counterpart for Arma to go against Lamia, who was in early early design actually a legitimate cat girl. Arma was in fact a mongoose (named Artemis) but I went with an armadillo because her name is in it and they are kind of goofy animals in abundance where I'm originally from. A friend suggested I make Arma get dog ears so it could be dog vs cat, but that seemed like the easy/logical/overused route. Armadillo vs cat? That's where it's at.

Only one page left! Then it's on to the next chapter, which is actually a two-parter with some exciting things happening. For me anyway. For one, I'm finally getting rid of those gowns :D :D :D :D (spoiler?)

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